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Why starting Undeclared is a great way to start college at UCI

We know that most students who start college each year have some level of uncertainty about their major.

We also know that students who start with a declared major are likely to change their major.

More importantly, the most recent research on the subject shows that undeclared students are more likely to persist in college and graduate than declared students (Spight, 2022).

And, related, over 90% of employers express that major doesn’t matter, but having a college degree does. The advisors in the U/U Advising Program help you as a student to explore possible majors, or if you have one in mind, the advisors help you to either confirm a possible initial choice, revise it, or choose another major that you feel really fits with who you are and what you want to do.

Starting undeclared at UCI will give you access to our advisors, and will help you to make a solid well-informed decision about a major, while also progressing toward graduation. Those reasons and more are why we think starting undeclared at UCI is a great way to start college!

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Academic Advising

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Being U/U

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Declaring a Major