The Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program (U/U) assists students without a declared major, or in transition between majors, with the development and implementation of informed decisions about their educational, career, and life goals. The aim of the U/U Program is to help students make well-informed choices of a major aligned with who the student is and wants to be, and how to get there.

Students in U/U receive quarterly individualized assistance from an assigned professional advisor to help them explore the variety of educational options at UCI; become more aware of their interests, values, skills, and abilities; and implement a plan toward achieving their personal goals. As a result, the academic advising provided in U/U will go well beyond simply discussing what classes to enroll in each quarter.

The U/U professional academic advisors are knowledgeable about each of the majors offered at UCI and the requirements for transitioning successfully into those majors. Recognizing the importance of the advisor-student relationship, students who are exploring their options in U/U can change their mind about what they might want to major in multiple times without having to change advisors under this new caseload model. The U/U advisors are also well versed about resources to help students, opportunities for students to be engaged in their education at UCI, and pathways to degree completion.

Note: All students at UCI are required to choose their major by the time they reach junior status.