University Studies 1

University Studies 1 is a course designed to assist incoming first years in their transition to the university. Students will learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to develop a sense of purpose in relation to their place at the university and to their future goals and aspirations.

University Studies 1 will help students:

  1. Identify and use resources and tools to help them to be a successful student.
  2. Identify and engage in opportunities and programs aligned with their educational, career, and life goals.
  3. Connect and communicate with professors, teaching assistants, and other professionals.
  4. Assume responsibility for their own academic planning and success.
  5. Develop skills for academic and personal success.
  6. Understand and follow policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  7. Actively participate in the processes of major exploration and decision making.
  8. Appreciate and value themselves, their accomplishments, and their UCI experience.