“Changing my major was very easy thanks to the DUE office.”

“The process of declaring a major was easy and the U/U program helped me immensely.”

All freshman year Undergraduate/Undeclared students making normal progress will transition out of the Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program by completing the online unit assignment process in the spring quarter of their first year. (Sophomore year students and students who changed into U/U after the summer will not have the option of attending unit assignment.) Through online videos, you will learn more about the logistics and departmental policies of the academic unit you select.

Once you are assigned to an academic unit, you will no longer be Undergraduate/Undeclared. You will, instead, be under the jurisdiction of the new academic unit and its policies in academic advising, adding/dropping/changing the grade option for classes, academic probation/disqualification action, dean’s signatures, etc.

This is not a major declaration, but a step prior to major declaration. You will be referred to as “unaffiliated” within the academic unit (e.g., Social Sciences/Unaffiliated) until you declare a major.