International Student Information

Welcome to U/U and the UCI community! We hope you’re enjoying your summer so far.

Class enrollment for Fall 2023 is coming up soon! You’re probably wondering how to choose and enroll in your classes.

You may have received an email from your assigned advisor as well as an email from UCI Canvas about being added into a course space called SPOP Advising/Registration. Please accept the invitation sent to you via email.

Once you’ve accepted your Canvas invite, you can now access our Orientation modules.

You should take time to review the content in our Orientation modules. In the modules, you will learn about the kinds of classes you should pick, what credit you may already have, and how to use our class enrollment systems.

After you’ve reviewed all modules and their content, you can then try out the U/U Advising Tool.

The U/U Advising Tool is a short survey that will allow you to explore potential Fall schedules based on your major interests and any exam scores you may have. At the end of the survey, you will receive a potential Fall 2023 schedule. You may use the U/U Advising Tool as many times as you’d like!

The link to the U/U Advising Tool can be found in the email from a U/U advisor.

Sometime within the next few days, you can expect to see an Academic Hold on your student record. This hold is normal! All new UCI students receive it. Once you have tried using the U/U Advising Tool, and met with an advisor (which can be virtual), your hold will be removed, and you will be ready to enroll in classes on your enrollment day.

We encourage you to view the Orientation modules and try the U/U Advising Tool as soon as possible, so your Hold can be removed. Remember that if you do not use the U/U Advising Tool, your hold may not come off.

The Academic Hold will….

  • Prevent you from signing up for/changing classes
  • Prevent you from paying fees (which can cause you to lose all your enrolled classes if not addressed!)
  • Possibly grow into a stronger hold that will prevent you from using any UCI services.

If you are no longer an Undergraduate/Undeclared student, or if you believe you are not an international student, please contact us at

We are so excited to have you in U/U, and we look forward to working with you this year! Please let us know if you have any questions. Remember that the staff in the U/U Advising Office are available Monday through Friday, 9AM through 4PM Pacific Time.