Changing a Grading Option Policy

Choosing a Grading Option
Please remember that all school requirements and courses in your major MUST be taken for letter grades.
YOU – not faculty or staff – must initiate all ADDS/DROPS/CHANGES to your class schedule, transcript, etc. You will NOT be automatically dropped from a class for failure to attend.
If is your responsibility to check the prerequisite for a course and make sure you are taking an appropriate class.

How To Change The Grade Option

Before Friday of Week 2
Use WebReg
Courses listed on the Schedule of Classes with a B or X restriction require an authorization code from the instructor.

Weeks 3-6
Submit request via Student Access.
No petition is required before the end of 6th week.
There is a $3 fee for all approved transaction made after the 3rd week of classes

Deadline To Change Grading Option

Weeks 7-10
Dean’s approval required.
Documentation of extenuating circumstances is required for such an exception to be considered.
Submit request in Student Access.
There is a $3 fee for all approved transactions made after the 3rd week of classes.

After Week 10:
It is too late to change the grading option.