Academic Advising

Benefits of Academic Advising

How Often to See an Academic Counselor

What to Do When You Meet with an Academic Counselor

Preparing for an appointment:

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Sample Questions to Ask an Academic Counselor


“I wanted a major that UCI does not have so I came in Undergraduate/Undeclared. They helped me find the right major for me.”

“As an Undergraduate/Undeclared student, I took several introductory classes and then picked the subject I enjoyed most as my major.”

The Undergraduate/Undeclared advising staff is available throughout the academic year to discuss academic issues, such as course scheduling, General Education and major requirements, and academic progress. Students meet with an academic advisor each quarter to discuss progress toward a major, major declaration, and graduating in a timely manner. Beyond the quarterly appointments, the academic counselors and peer academic advisors are also available for drop-ins and scheduled appointments.