U/U Select for First Generation Students

U/U Select Program: Helping First-Generation Students Succeed

The U/U Select is a comprehensive program designed to assist Undergraduate/Undeclared first generation students and their families transition into UC, Irvine.  By connecting with parents in Spring quarter (during the recruitment process), we are able to establish strong relationships that support first-year students. The U/U Select program strives to break down barriers for first-generation families by providing parents with the tools necessary to assist their students.  Once enrolled in the university, these students benefit from the following programs, designed specifically to provide students with a sense of awareness of who they are, and the development of academic goals for their success:

Cafecito-  One hour coffee hour on the first day of SPOP, provided for our Spanish speaking parents.  The goal of these coffee hours conducted in Spanish are to provide parents a safe space to ask questions from the counseling staff.  They are provided with an Academic Calendar outlining important dates for Fall quarter, tools and advise on how to support their college student, including Spanish speaking counselor contact info.

Study Tables –

First Generation Study Skills–  Offered Winter and Spring quarters, students who are on academic probation, attend weekly two-hour sessions that are designed to provide them with assistance balancing family, work, academics.

UU Select Welcome Reception during Welcome Week –  Formal Welcome Reception in which students have the opportunity to network with other first generation students, counseling staff, and the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

Conversations with Counselors-  Bi-monthly two-hour sessions.  These sessions strive to create a comfortable space for students to bring up issues with counseling staff and other students.

Weekly Drop-In Office Hours-  The goal of these sessions is to provide a private counseling session with students outside of mandatory advising.

Personalized Advising- To continue establishing long-term connections with our first generation students and counseling staff.